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1. It is not only by 3k that warranty is eaten away. Look at the the purchase date. If it was early 2012 you could have a car that has 3 years of warranty left, not 4. That's potentially 25% less time.

2. Givig 3-5k more for new car with exact options you want and 0 miles is worth it. In reselling you will be the original 1-owner, which carries a premium.

3. Could be 3k miles on the track. You do not know the history. If you are already shelling out that money, then buy a new one with known history. It is silly.

4. Multiple dealers now offer these car at $500-1k over invoice.

5. Having a last year production model with desirable options carries a premium when selling, e.g. '06 ZCP E46 M3 always carry 20% premium easily if in interlagos blue, 6-speed ...not matter what the mileage, simply because it is last year and ZCP.

Now the question is whether taking another 7% off of $69,869 due to its used status fair or not? Appears that owner averaged 600 miles/month.
I'd offer $61k. Average "appliance" cars like accord, taurus take a 20-25% plunge you drive them off the lot. You are being generous at 7%. Go with 15% or so.

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