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that's the worst GTR time I've ever heard in my life. What gas was he running? I can only assume he had a tank of 91 in it and the car was pulling timing and not happy. Tell him to fill with Petro Canada/Suncor 94 next time. Works great.

I've seen them at the strip various times over the years, and stock to modded, they're always staggeringly quick. The slowest one I've ever seen (at our decent track which is generally good density altitude) ran 11.5 @ 118-119...and that was in mid-summer 80 fahrenheit heat. Another one ran 11.0-11.1 all night long with just a tune and no other mods. Trapped closer to 125. These were 2009ish cars I believe (it was in early 2010)

The other ones I've seen, including last month, were even quicker. Stock GTR ran very low 11s @ 120+ all day in April...and the modded one with bigger turbos was comfortably in the 10s and 130+ MPH. That guy complained his car wasn't running very quickly lol.