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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Great looking car, great exhaust note, one of the best interiors in the business, but mediocre performance for the price. Would make a fantastic daily driver, but will be a lackluster on the track.
pretty good summary. Straight line and track performance however I think you'll find the RS5 won't be far behind the M3 if it's a non-expert driver at the helm. The M3 can put a big gap on the RS4/RS5, however if you put both cars in the hands of most drivers, the difference will be negligible. This will be most apparent at the dragstrip or while racing a friend from a dig somewhere...the RS5 will always give you 98% of its capability, while the M3 will require quite a bit more input.

That's part of the allure of the M3 of's a bit more raw and it's part of the knock against the's a hair disconnected feeling being a little more computer aided and heavier.