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Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
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Am i the only one that likes making the entire map open up before moving on?
I always explore everything, especially since I started Inferno. There is better chance of finding good loot with trash/elite mobs than there is with bosses. I found myself rushing though NM and Hell, just to be too low of a level to start the next difficulty.

Originally Posted by e90fun View Post

Id be curious.

Im stuck in middle of inferno act II. super rough..

been doing some butcher runs in hopes of getting some gold to buy gear.

Pandaing#1517 if anyone wants to add
I found a rediculous farm spot in Act 1 which I been doing non stop to make some quick gold and get some gear before I do Act 2. The spot guarentees 2 Epic bosses, 1 yellow treasure chest, 1 treasure goblin, and multiple blue packs. Best part is, you respawn at the "checkpoint" right near the entrance.

My Wizard is at 28K DPS, 30K life, and ~300 all resistances. I read that those stats are plenty good in Act 2, however, I'm just making too much gold doing this run. Only thing pissing me off is the 10 item limit on the AH
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