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Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
Congratulations on your PB, put jelly on it!

Thanks for posting up! I'm curious, what's your next car? I'm leaning spec 944, I like the high turn out...
Thanks! I beat my best lap time by over 2 seconds. Not even on Hoosiers yet (NT-01's)... and I know where I have time to make up still.

I've been given my husband's car and is what I'm driving above. It's a bit of a Frankenstien and so wouldn't qualify for any Spec classes: E36 325is chassis (it essentially donated the tub), M-coupe engine (M52?), M3 everything else (subframe, etc). I was very happy when Bruce said they'd honor other series' classing (like NASA's GTS3 class). It's fully caged with solid aero, suspension, saftey gear. Just needs fire supression and the window net welded in to be ready for Comp.

Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
P.S. I really liked the sounds on that rolling start. And I dig your lines, mine are very similar. That e46 'dive' to the apex surprised me on T5 in video #1, don't think he knew the track well. (Negative camber to track on far right T5.) IMO that was Ok for race, not so nice for a "school", ok in real race because he was a car length ahead. Your vid clearly shows you had best line because it's obvious you had to wait. Joe put a sneaky move on you on 8 in vid #2, totally sort of kinda unfair because you had traffic...
That race and the videos really highlight the importance of being aware of everything going on around in close quarters. Here were my observations both during the race and afterwards, watching the vids:
  • When it happened, I was surprised at the red E36 closing the door on me in T3... to me it was obvious I had the line through there since we were side-by-side exiting T2 and entering T3. I had to brake REALLY hard there to keep from planting myself into the passenger door. After chatting with alekzandr, I realize I didn't actually have the right to the line.
  • The E46... I just wanted to get past him because I knew he didn't know where he was. Did you see him hit the brakes exiting T8??!! At first I thought there must've been a yellow flag and then when there wasn't one, I thought, "Well WTF is going on here... see ya!"
  • And I knew Joe had been studying my lines for quite a few laps. I laughed when I saw him pull left up T7 and let him go. We had a good little battle - it was fun!!

Short story: I'm hooked. THE most fun I've had in a car. Ever.
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