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Unfortunately ED is not an option for me. Heard it worked out great for many. Not enticed by the 2013 nor the wait.

I agree with you 100% that a new one from showroom being more pristine. However, I've been there, done that before (Brand Spankin' New). Not a priority or deal breaker for me anymore. One owner cars that have been gently broken in (3000 miles +/-) are not an issue for me. Now comparing your March purchase is worth raising an eyebrow. Everything that you do not have are exact options that I desire. So that ~$5K would have to be factored in somewhere.

I guess the question then is how much of a dollar amount should be attached to the 3,000 miles of usage? If 0 miles warrants $71K, what does 3,000 miles equate to? Is roughly $55K the price it should be discounted to due the accumulated mileage? Are dealers letting these go for that deep of discount once they have had a title and clocked 3,000 +/- miles? The crazy thing is that this car is "exactly" how I would have built/ordered if purchased brand new!!!!!

The asking price presented to me was $69,910. They budged $3910 ($69,910-$66,000). Assuming if the original owner got lucky and got 8% off of the Retail of $75,945, then $69,869 (possibly invoice) was initial sale. Clearly my initial asking price was a joke (insult). Now the question is whether taking another 7% off of $69,869 due to its used status fair or not? Appears that owner averaged 600 miles/month.

Your feedback has been very insightful. Will rethink my thoughts and weigh best options.