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Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
It's good to know that you were able to redline all day without cooling issue. I'm going to check on this as this was really anoying for me. I'm running stock brakes with Endless racing pads and I could also see some loss in braking performance. I assumed it was mainly due to the brake fluid boiling but I'm no expert.

I'm running Dinan stage 1 suspension with the shorter version of the GC camber plates (11mm shorter) to keep suspension travel intact. My camber is set to -2.2 front (0 toe) and -1.8 rear (1/16 toe in). This is obviously not as good as a coilover setup but I'm pretty happy with it so far. I might increase camber later but I'm trying to be careful since I'm DD the car.

What are you running for suspension? I'm working on getting to your kind of lap time and trying to learn what I need to do both in term of driving skills and car modifications.
I am going to switch to Endless once my new Stoptechs pads wear out, I had a spare set. I was pretty happy with stoptechs though.

I run KW clubsport coilovers, I was told by a reputable shop that to get maximum performance out of R-S3 tires you need to run aggresive camber. I have -3 Front and -2.2 Rear, I dont't DD my car and not particular concerned with tire wear I've pretty much used KW recommended settings until now and car feels great, although I think I may want to have more grip at rear to reduce tendency to oversteer.

So far I've done 5 track days at Buttonwillow (13CW 4 times and CCW once). I've never done any other tracks other than BW. I live 30 minutes away from the track - the reason for so much love for this track

My time and mods progressed as follows:

2:12 first time doing 13CW after my first track event ever at buttonwillow school CCW configuration. Car was stock with just stoptech pads, motul 600 and stoptech lines, MS intake. Conti Sportcontact3 tires, ZCP car.

2:08 second time running 13CW. I added Recaro seat. Same tires as before

2:08 third time running 13CW. I added KW CS coilovers and removed primary cats. Same tires, but now really worn out. I was doing 2:08 without breaking the sweat, but I had virtually no grip. These tires are no good for tracking, but I had to wear them out

2:04 this last event. Finally with good tires, suspension and alignment. I think everyone would be running faster times if not the heat. I was still dropping times with DSC off, but my spinout kind off put an end to it and that GTR fire... All prior events were during winter and spring.

I think experience and driver play a major role, thats why I love it so much. You can see a ton of guys running some major mods and still posting south of 2:10 i wont be adding anything else for a while, I want a small wing, but its not in the cards right now.

Quest to break 2 minutes continues...