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Hey buddy! Sorry I've been swamped at the startup I'm advising on up here. The trip was amazing and the car performed beyond expectation. Taking the 1 all the way up was absolutely amazing. Never had to take it out of 5th.

Also the 4 light brights ARE A MUST. It probably saved me from wildlife on the trip. I could literally see 2x the distance than the car/s in front of me.

So after the tune I had to drive up to SF for the startup that I'm advising on over the summer. I decided to take PCH up to the 101 then the 1. For the first leg I decided to drop by the BMW engine development center.

After the 101 came the amazing 1. Everyone on the forum who loves driving should at least do it once in they're life. I'm almost surprised that top gear haven't made something out of it because the drive literally transports you to the isle of man.

On the drive the car was a beast. It was SO easy to control. Euro MDM gave me that little extra comfort I needed but to tell you the truth I just cruised because what's the point to being reckless? The tune Mike did gave me the torque in the ranges I needed to just lay back with windows down, listening to my exhaust, and enjoying the beauty that is the 1. Anyone second guessing a tune by Benvo should take comfort in the fact that the car was comfortable yet powerful when needed and most importantly: reliable. Mike is a custom tuner and though my tune may be tailored to me and my driving style the same techniques are employed in his other tunes. His tunes truly = Power + Emotion which I believe is hard to find.

Thank you again for all the hard work. I'll hit you up when I'm back down in LA.


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