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Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
I was there also with new wheels/tires combo and new GC camber plates. I'm running Volks G2 square setup with 275/35/18 RS3. I didn't do as good as you. My best time at Buttonwillow is 2:08 with stock size tires (265/245) AD08. I could barely do the same with my best times in 2:08 - 2:09 range. The setup felt great but my car was overheating quite easily. I had to short shift and run lower RPM most of the day to avoid getting the warning light in the dash.

I noticed that you also have a DCT car from the pictures. Did you car overheat at all? I could get 1-2 laps going all the way and then I had to back-off. I was talking to someone else with a manual version and he seemed to not overheat as easily as me. I'm curious about your case since you seem to have run pretty good time there.
In my case, heat was taking the most toll on the brakes. I actually just found out the reason for shitty performance of my brakes, I knew I was running very low on my Stoptech pads, but not that low - one of the pads was worn to the metal. To answer your question - my car wasn't overheating (engine and DCT), other than usual power steering fluid spill everything was OK and I could redline all day long. You may want to check your coolant level or something.

What are your camber settings with GC plates, I assume you run stock shocks?
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