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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
I know StopTech prides themselves on their "balanced brake upgrades," so varying piston sizes must be the answer. Otherwise, an ST40 front/OEM rear or ST60 front/OEM rear would have a different front-rear bias compared to my ST60 front/ST40 rear setup. Is it possible that with the ST60f/ST40r setup they actually allow higher brake torque at each axle over OEM, but front and rear torque is increased to the same degree, so the overall front-rear bias stays the same as OEM?
What you are asking is possible. With the use of larger pistons you WILL increase brake torque. However, you will also increase pedal travel if you keep the same master cylinder as you will need to displace more fluid. Hence, there is a tradeoff here.

And what about the rotor diameter part of the equation? The 380mm rotors used with the ST60 front calipers are larger than OEM, so the brake torque should also be increased over OEM, unless they decrease the total piston area vs. OEM to compensate--3 StopTech pistons on one side of the rotor having LESS total area than a single OEM piston--but why would they do this? Are multiple pistons only for providing more uniform pressure/contact of the pads on the rotors vs. a single piston?

I'm probably just reiterating the original post, but I'm trying to work it through in my head...
I updated my first post with piston sizes I think Stoptech would use to achieve whatever they advertise. I assumed that they would not go for higher brake torque vs stock given the same friction material. It is probably better to just use higher frictions pads to increase torque.