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Originally Posted by cwidjojo View Post
Nope. Not lowered, but im considering some springs tho. So if i were to get new spacers it would have to accomodate the lower height.
lowered+spacers+bigger tires will increase your odds to rubs. You may be fine but don't be surprised if you rub on dips or with passengers. Also,
255/35-19's up front have a tendancy to rub on full lock. If you're lowering plus upsizing, I'd opt for conservative spacer's or none at all. Personally, I prefer a more aggressive offset over a lowered look. I'm currently running
12.5mm spacers w/my 220m's on stock suspension, looks great and I don't rub under full compression whilst maintaining that sublime comfort of the stock's a beautiful thing! Trial and error amigo, trial and error.

Lowered + 12r/15f spacers, stock Conti3's = rear rubbing

Stock suspension + 12.5mm spacers, stock PZero's = no rubbing