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Trade M3 for Boxster Spyder?

Need some opinions...

Let me start by saying that I love my M3. It is a technological marvel from the engine to the EDC, plus it's a sexy vehicle. I've owned an e36, e46 and this e92 M3 so I'm definitely a loyalist.... However the Boxster Spyder has really caught my eye!
My M3 is just my weekend car since I have a DD my job pays for, so practicality is not an issue for me. The spyder just seems like the perfect weekend car - the convertible top, superior driving dynamics, and just being fun to drive. Plus I live in So Cal where I rarely worry about inclement weather, not to mention I swear everyone and their mom drives an M3 here.
If the M3 was my DD there wouldn't be a question, it's so comfortable and great everyday but I really have an itch for this Spyder.
Should I pull the trigger?!
I feel bad I've only had the M3 for little over a year and I already want something else.