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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
Can anyone comment on how their car has held up to the wear? Do your front bumpers/hoods get blasted with debris?

Also, do you think all the tracking will have a substantially negative impact on resale value?

I have 35k miles on my car, no track days, the car looks brand new as I've kept really good care of it. I'd like to get into tracking and use my car. I'm afraid of things getting beat up badly.
Definitely paint chips on leading edge of hood and hot rubber marks all over front and sides of car. Paint chips occur at places like NJMP where there's loose sand and fine gravel about.

Once you start tracking, though, you typically love it so much that you don't care about the little blemishes. They're badges of honor, and much more tolerable than a parking-lot ding. You just become so happy with the car on the track that you don't pay attention. You feel that you're in some ways experiencing your car for the first time.