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Originally Posted by E394KEN View Post
The first time I saw the new Camaro at the L.A. auto show I literally wet myself. The first time I saw the new E92 M3 on the road here in So-Cal testing about I was excited, but not emotionally overcome. Time and some test driving in the future will tell the tale.
I agree that the new E92 M3 isn't exactly a stunner. I am really not a fan of what BMW has done to the appearance of their cars in the last major redesign--but then who is? However, the new M3 and the other E92s look much better than the E90s. I think the M3 could actually be a stunner if the front end was different--the lights, the grill, tip of the hood, and where the fenders meet the bumper and the lights. The strange curves seem all wrong to me; it needs sharper and straighter lines. The rear end looks pretty good although the bumper could be positioned a bit lower (gotta cover that muffler somehow!). The proportions look good on the sides. The CF roof looks great with light colors...