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Originally Posted by von_zoom View Post
Thorny - Would you mind providing info re your Recaro driver seat - Where to get, price, how does it install, suggestions if any.
I want to change my drivers seat out so I can have better restraint systems. The stock situation sucks.

I got my from EAS. You will need floor mounts (I run MS), Recaro slider kit and side mounts. Side mounts can be either Recaro or MS, I run Recaro coz I like them to say Recaro and I am not too big on the gothic MS logo. My side mounts are aluminum, but I heard steel is quiter, my squeek just a tiny bit. Before it used to be making more noise, but I took it out and lubricated everything with non-greasy lubricant, I recommend doing that when doing install, lubricate all contact points and it shouldnt make noise.

Install is easy (watch EAS video) but you'll have to code out passenger restraint error. The price of the seat and all hardware is about 1400 if I remember correctly, coding is like 100 plus install.

I had a bit of a troubke in the beginning installing it because holes in Recaro sliders didn't align properly with holes in MS floor mounts, I had to drill out slider holes a little bit, but it was PITA. Maybe you'll be luckier and you wont have this problem.

When installing, install it as much to the right (center of the car) as possible, otherwise your streering wheel will be shifted to the right from the center of the seat.

I also have Sabelt shoulder pad with my stock belt, you can see why in the thread below.

Recaro seat in cloth is the way to go if you track your car any appreciable amount of time.

Hope this helps

EDIT: you'd need seat belt receptacle also. I have MS

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