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Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
Quoting you from the E9x M3 LAP TIMES (Road Course) thread:

While going around Club Corner, not sure if you went over that berm on the right side or not, but (several months ago when I tried going DSC off) I over-steered twice at that fast right-handed Club Corner when I went over that berm. Fortunately, I corrected and didn't go into the dirt, but gotta be careful there with DSC off. Same corner in MDM, you can get as aggressive as you want.

Re: just like my video (of spinning several months ago after exiting the Bus Stop), lulz yeah, I can imagine. After coming off the track, I went straight to the tire shop at the track and used the pressure hose to get most of the dirt out. By the time I got back to the garages, it was time for my run group's next session, lulz.

By the way, the car looks great with TE37 & R-S3's!
Yeah, I love the new look! Thanks

I just watched my old video and realized I spun out right in the first left hand Bus Stop. Kind of in between two Bus Stop corners. I did ran over that berm in the Club corner and it pushed me way to the left, hence the reason for tons of speed coming into the first Bus Stop and approaching it on the screwed up line. The car started oversteering when I was turning left trying to make it through first Bus Stop.