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Quoting you from the E9x M3 LAP TIMES (Road Course) thread:

Originally Posted by thorny View Post
Thanks Randall! I managed 2:04 in the second session of the day with my "new European MDM" (RS3 grip like hell compared to my old stock Conti SportContact3), then I turned DSC off and did 2:07 in 3rd "DCS off" session (I was cautious) and then 2:05 in the 4th (DSC off). Then I put a passenger in the car and went all out on the first lap, my tires were not up to temperature and I came out way to hot out of the Club Corner, my car started oversteering, I let off the gas which made oversteer worst and I spun out right before first left hander Bus Stop. The car was full of Buttonwillow dirt and rocks the size of a quarter since I had both windows open with passenger. I hate this rule! Just like in your video It was a crazy day - the heat was immense, I was starting to lose brakes after 12-15 minutes.. I am about to make a separate post. Stay tuned
While going around Club Corner, not sure if you went over that berm on the right side or not, but (several months ago when I tried going DSC off) I over-steered twice at that fast right-handed Club Corner when I went over that berm. Fortunately, I corrected and didn't go into the dirt, but gotta be careful there with DSC off. Same corner in MDM, you can get as aggressive as you want.

Re: just like my video (of spinning several months ago after exiting the Bus Stop), lulz yeah, I can imagine. After coming off the track, I went straight to the tire shop at the track and used the pressure hose to get most of the dirt out. By the time I got back to the garages, it was time for my run group's next session, lulz.

By the way, the car looks great with TE37 & R-S3's!
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