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Buttonwillow Heat

Buttonwillow Track Day with Speed District, June 1, 2012

I finally upgraded my wheels/tires and was anxious to try out my new TE37SL / R-S3 combo on the track. The day was great, I love track days with Speed District, no traffic and plenty of track time.

I also had guys at EAS reprogram my MDM to a "more aggressive" European version. The first two sessions of the day I did with MDM on, and I don't know if it was wishful thinking or maybe better grip from the tires, but MDM didn't intervene as much with my driving. I did fantastic 2:04 in the second session. Considering 100+ degree weatehr (damn it was hot!!!) and the fact that best drivers in advanced group were running 2:01-2:02 tops, I was happy. My stock brakes were beginning to melt after 10-12 minutes and I overshot braking a few times.

R-S3 tires with proper camber felt really great, I was at full throttle in many places where I had to let off to stay on track with my old stock Conti Sportcontact 3.

I turned DSC off and did 2:07 (I was cautious) and then 2:05. I felt like I could do better and I really liked DSC off. The car was predictable and I felt pretty good. Then someone asked me to take him for a ride along. We went out and I spun out on the first lap in left hander Bus Stop. It was entirely my fault, I was going way to fast for approaching that corner, my tires didn't have a chance to warm up yet and I had a heavy guy with me. When situation presented over-steer at over 80-90 MPH, I counter-steered, but let off the gas and made over-steer worst and lost control. The car was full of dirt, It took like 30 seconds for cloud to clear and be able to see.

I learnt the lesson to be more careful with DSC off. Enjoy the pics.

I detailed interior today, it took me 4 hrs or more, but it looks brand new, just need to pressure wash engine bay
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