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Originally Posted by Supercar Ace View Post
Big thanks to Vinny for setting this up! I had a blast! It was a great cruise and really awesome to meet a bunch of cool people! I def am looking forward to the next one! 40+ cars on the rally up and 50+ cars up in SB...reminded me of the proper Bimmerfest

Sorry to anyone who tried calling/texting me, my phone was acting up this morning so I literally just got all your messages right now

Some ///M Tri Action

... and a big THANK YOU to all of you who showed up. Its not me that made the event a success, its all of you. Thanks for coming out and being a part of the best cruise I've ever been on. I also have to say, that was a great group of people today! I'm off to get some dinner but after that I'll get started on the next cruise thread!