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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Does anyone know what the thickness of the OEM rotors are when new? Just trying to compare the measurement I took to what they were new. I measured 29.4mm on the fronts which have 55k miles on them. I've read that new rotors are 30mm thick and the minimum thickness etched on the rotor is 28.4mm. Seems like I have a lot of life in them still so I won't have to replace them anytime soon.

I couldn't measure the rears because the dust shield is in the way so I'd have to take the rotor off to measure it. I'm guessing it would be safe to assume that the wear on the rears should be similar to the fronts.

My car is due for a brake fluid flush so I'm just checking to see what else needs replacement so I can do it all at once. CBS says pads are not due for another 14k miles but I might just order them now and wait until the time comes to actually replace them.

Since this is a street only car, I'm planning to either go with OEM fluid, Motul RBF 600 or Motul DOT 5.1. Pads will probably be Stoptech Street Performance.
Rotors are 30mm originally. I wouldn't even worry about the rears until they present a clearly visible lip.

You only need break fluid. OEM or ATE gold is more than enough for the street. No reason to use racing fluid. For street pads you are correct. Stoptech Street Performance: Cheaper than OEM and better IMO