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As you all know, I threw back on my OEM headers and section 1. I have been driving around for several days now and finally had to time to schedule some dyno time. I chose the same location, Dean's Performance, because of his great customer service, familiarity with the E46 M3, and often used dyno by other local M3 members.

The only thing that has changed in between these and the last runs were just the headers and section 1. It must be noted that the humidity was a lot less today which may or may not skew my end results. Temperature was fairly within the same range. Again, correction factor was not that drastic.

Upon the first dyno, I was rather shocked to see the results to say very the least. Then the results just got more and more surprising. It is said that most stock E46 M3 on the average dynojet put down 270-280whp. It looks like I am slightly above that average range. Whatever the cause is of my results, I think it's safe to say that my engine is healthy. Owning it straight from the BMW factory and making sure to do oil changes at least every 7500 miles and all the schedule Inspections/Valve Adjustments proves that despite it's 10 year old age, it is still running strong. :thumbsup2:
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Dyno graphs between 100% stock and Supersprint V2 Stepped Headers + CPI Euro200

I was shocked to see the difference between the two runs. I am honestly not sure how to take the results other than, what I feel on the street seems more drastic than the minute difference in numbers. What I think is most important to take from these comparisons is not necessarily numbers, but the change in the curves. The change in low end torque/power is very noticeable, as is the high end gains.

Supersprint claims a much bigger gain in power so I am not sure what is the explanation for my lower than expected gains. It could be the change in humidity, temperature...It could be the Magnaflow cats...Who knows.

All I know is that the SS V2 Stepped and CPI Euro200 combination made a huge difference on the street and that's what matters more to me.

I am looking forward to seeing the comparison between the SS V2 Stepped and SS V1 Stepped which I can hopefully do in the middle of January.

Stay tuned guys and please share your thoughts!
  • Dynojet 248X at Dean's Peformance, St. Charles, IL
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SAE w/ Conditions
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