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Originally Posted by DriftDreamzSS
I went to the Oxnard/ Camarillo meets a few times in years past and thought it was an absolute joke. Shady people flat out lying about what they were running, trying to hide mods, or knowingly down play their turbo size, boost pressure or use of spray, ect. It was my first exposure to that side of the "scene" and the dishonesty among everyone I felt was pretty sad. "Bone stock" civics trying to race 300hp tuned cars for money, mustangs claiming they are stock when you could hear the blower whining, ect. I guess its normal in some places and some of you may be used to it but in other places there really is such a thing as enthusiasts getting together to enjoy cars with no deceitful motives or shady angles. Maybe its the betting and money involved, i dont know. I wasn't surprised at all when that local shop got busted several years ago for stealing and chopping tuned cars.
I would say its mostly the money involved and the rest ego.