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Originally Posted by borabora View Post
I think that 1500 calories / day is the starvation diet . a 180 lbs man burns 2000 calories a day without effort...
Having done it myself last year to lose 30lbs, I'd disagree on the grounds that 2000 calories or more wasn't aggressive enough to keep one's metabolism revved.

Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
I haven't been able to do cardio in the morning for the past 2 days as it has been raining alot lately in Florida
You don't have to go outside and run for cardio. While I run a couple of miles for one session, the other is a pyramid/circuit of calisthenics. I do 15 dumbbell squats, then 15 push-ups, then 15 sit-ups, then move to 14 reps, then 13, on down to 1, without stopping. Gets your heart pumping, takes about 20-30 minutes. Be very aware of your breathing - this will have a lot of muscle groups demanding oxygen and with poor breathing control/pacing you'll get winded and poop out. You might need to start with 10 and work up to 15 or more.