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Well when i was in the mitsu game, it was all about the drag strip, i had gsx's at 650 hp+
i was over seas when the evo x's where unveiled and arrived back in the states and bought mine directly coming off the truck, being there was a huge evo scene in North Carolina, i had the first and only X for a long time, built and bad ass, when i got here in Tallahassee, i had the ONLY X and it was weird and i kinda felt out caste, not even the subi guys seemed to show interest in me or my car, but i love my beamer if she would just slowly start breaking down part by part! lol AWD and Turbo is sport luxury and for racing and people who know what they are doing, i for one was tired of getting a letter in the mail every few months stating that insurance rates were going up again because to many jack asses were having their parents buy them these powerful machines and then they were modding them and destroying them beyond belief. Its personal preference, I def. miss my power sport, but i love my luxury sport, but lacks the power of my evo, i might trade up or look for a wrecked 335xi and swap motor and drive train and build from there, idk, things to think about