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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
I have to agree.

It seems to be a trend that BMW is getting away from the raw and visceral feel of M cars to more subdued and tamed versions.

Having driven both an e46 and e92 M3 (both in stock form), in my opinion, the e46 had more feedback, was more raw, and visceral. Don't get me wrong, I think the e92 is great and shares that wild feeling, but to a lesser degree than the e46. Others have said the same when the e9x M3 came out. Same for my experience with an e39 and e60.

Cosmetically, I think the new M6 looks great. However, this review and some others lends credence to my suspicions on its true character.
This trend isn't exclusive to BMW, you can observe it in pretty much all performance cars that have existed for multiple generations. It's the same story every time a new gen 911 comes out, hell even ferrari purists express their discontentment with the newer cars. Comments about the car being less raw and other complaints of that nature always resurface. Some people adopt the change right away, others take some time to adjust themselves and eventually get won over by new gizmos or improved characteristics from the predecessor, and then you have the ones who stick to the good old formula (ie air-cooled 911s, e46 & older gen m3s & m5s etc.). That's just the way the car industry is today, and everything tends to indicate that it will only keep going this way with increasingly stricter emissions regulations and safety standards and what not, things are evolving as they naturally have to to survive in their environment. Luckily there is a good used market out there to satisfy a wide bracket of tastes.