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before my E92 M3 i owned a 2010 Audi was a beautiful car...very well built, high quality, great exhaust note, and a killer interior and electronics..not to mention the particular dealer i bought the car from has a outstanding service department...i love everything about the car except for the power..i came out of a C6 Z06 as my daily driver into the S5 and it was way to drastic a change which is why the car only lasted less then a year and i ended up in a M3 coupe..its a great compromise between the two...the M3 has a lot more feel and soul over the audi...but now we have to RS5 which wasn't available when i bought my M3...needless to say yesterday i ordered a 2013 RS5...hopefully its the right combination of everything i loved about my S5 and the power of my M3...i already know its not going to have the steering feel of my M3 and I'm headed for a fair amount of understeer with the AWD but in person it is a beautiful of luck with your decision and i honestly don't think you could go wrong either way...i almost forgot as far as price goes my M3 MSRP was a hair under 76K and the RS5 is going to be a tad over 79k so they are virtually the same price point if it matters to you... all along it sounded like the RS5 was going to be in the 80s or 90s and that turned out not to be the case