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Thank you for all of the feedback and particularly the comments from LarThaL and Hurricane. It is always beneficial to review feedback from someone who has had experience with the specific or similar vehicle.

I would be considered a novice track driver. While I planned to run some, it would only be for the experience and not competitive reasons (I say that now).

I do have another car as my DD, a MY11 Jeep GC Overland. I plan on keeping it for another few years.

I have read a few articles in the last 24 hrs on the RS5. Specifically was the long-term review of both the M3 and RS5 from CAR magazine. There were good points for each but in the end the M3 was favored due to better driving dynamics. IMO, the RS5 is a great package. I wish one was available for a test drive. According to some of the Audi forums, AoA hasn't published the allocation numbers. For now I suspect dealers will get MSRP or higher. This would give an advantage to the M3. While at the end of the production cycle the M3 still has the right combination of style, performance and it factor. Most likely I will stay on the path and order one in December/January for delivery at the Performance Center.

Thanks again for all of the feedback.