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FS: Riss Racing X-pipe with HFCs and resonators

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Up for sale is my Riss Racing X-pipe with HFCs and resonators; HFCs are 200 cell and the resonators are from a company called Vibrant.

This setup builds fantastic power – no kidding. I am very sad to have to let it go. But we just had a baby and I fear it may be a bit much for her in the back when she tries to sleep. Just for clarification, I was running this system with a Remus Sport muffler.

The welds look great and the system shows no signs of wear or corrosion in any way.

I’ve never had my car on a dyno, so I can’t specifically quantify the increase in power it developed. But I will make the following statements with all confidence:

- The car sounded sick! I know, it’s a subjective statement, but it has to be mentioned since sound is a key factor when purchasing an exhaust system like this.

- The car pulled much, much harder. I suppose the best way to describe this is as follows: I take the same on-ramp every day to work. I had become used to speeding up on the on-ramp in order to meet traffic speed, ~65 mph. Once I had the x-pipe system installed I found myself having to slow down in order to prevent myself from overshooting the traffic flow or hitting the car in front of me in the lane I was merging into. The acceleration process happens much quicker.

- The car up-shifted and down-shifted much faster (read: harder), in both auto and sport mode, I have DCT. I personally found this to be a very likeable sensation. Some my find it somewhat violent.

- The engine produced awesome “barks” as engine speed was raised to meet transmission speed during down-shifts. Subsequent exhaust burbles sounded great as well.

- The engine had a noticeable back pressure burble when the car was slowing from the compression of the engine. Very similar to the sound from a 135i, but add in the S65 engine “whine” and the end product sounds almost bionic in nature.

- Not a lot of drone unless going up a hill in a higher gear than necessary. In other words, nearly all internal drone can be mitigated by shifting the trans. into a different gear. That being said, the car will have some drone while cold and going up a hill. Still, I enjoyed that as well in all honesty.

- The engine spun up faster under load throughout the entire rev range, specifically 5k-8k. This resulted in much quicker acceleration and third gear tire chirps I was not accustomed to hearing. 8,100 RPM sounded absolutely crazy!

- The car displayed a noticeable increase in throttle response; just the slightest touch of the gas pedal would send the car to leaping forward dramatically.

- The car did not throw any codes while running with this system for roughly 300 miles. I understand this could be a function of local climate and fuel, however, so I cannot speak as to whether or not your car will display the CEL.

- This system is significantly lighter than the stock system by ~20 lbs.

- Easy install by the techs at the local Midas shop. About 1.5 hours worth of work in total.

Overall, I found it a great way to make safe, reliable power while adding to the sound of the car. After reinstalling the stock cats and x-pipe the car feels much less visceral, almost mundane. I will miss this system, to be sure. But the practical needs of the family have to come first.

Im asking $600 plus shipping. This system will require about 10 minutes worth of welding to install. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


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