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Originally Posted by MikeyV View Post
Arnold didn't have a full 6 pack either, some people just don't have the genetics for it.

I understand that some people only get four packs while others can get eight—even 10—packs. I've seen my bottom two at a not entirely "goal" BF%. If I can see the bottom two around 10-11%, I can definitely get them if I drop into the single digits. Too hard for me to maintain that kind of BF with my level of lean mass though. Need to bulk longer.
Originally Posted by e90fun View Post
the six pack is something I gave up on long time ago.

its not really how hard you train at the gym to get the six pack but what you eat.

you really have to stay on a strict diet to maintain the 6 pack, either that or be one of the lucky ones with your genes.
Still keeping at it.

Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
Don't wory about it. Just keep it up. I'm doing a 3-4 times a week morning 30min cardio upon waking up with nothing but some water and k-arginine before the actual run. What it does is kick start the metabolism and produce more brown fats. More brown fat in ur body, faster you'll be burning fat cells. Do a quick google search if u want to learn more.

Been on this routine for 2 weeks now, already seeing gains. I should be around 10% BF now. Still eating clean and every 3hr. I've lightened my leg weight session since my legs are being used a lot more now.

Once the run is finished. Have a hearty breakfast with eggs, a fruit, some carbs like yams/oatmeal and a little bit of peanut/almond/cashew butter.

My goal is to look great starting in July and have it last till October before I restart my bulking phase

Best of luck man
I gave up on meal timing after doing research and finding nothing conclusive, nor have I really felt any differences from personal experience. I picked up on the IF routine recently; give yourself an eight hour window to reach your caloric goals, along with hitting your macros (protein, fats, carbs—and not poptart carbs ) and your body goes into a short term fast with the other 16 hours in the day. The longer your body goes without any significant caloric intake (gum, water, mints, diet sodas, coffee, carrots/celery are acceptable examples...all in moderation), the better it becomes at burning stored fat without any relative loss in lean mass compared to other forms of dieting.

Still getting used to suppressing my appetite during the 16 hour window, but I'm noticing spikes in energy which I wasn't expecting.
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