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Get real burgers, fuck veggie burgers lol.

Fruit, don't not exceed 2 servings a day. 1 serving can be a handful of berries, a apple, a pear, half mango, 2 slices of pinapple, 3 dates, etc etc etc.

Just know that ur 10-15lb you want to lose will also include quite a bit of water weight, i'd be willing to bet 3-5lb worth. If you've got a lot of muscle mass as well, some of that will be gone as well.

Weight training will increase ur rate of body fat % lose. Don't think it's just for building muscle. It's a stupid misconception that people have.

If you are serious about this and getting a summer beach body, you'll need to get ride of alcohol completely. It really is the culprit for a lot of people.

Snacks to eat between meals. Nuts, veggie sticks and maybe some egg whites. If they get bland, add some spices to em.

Stay hydrated as well.

30min steady cardio upon waking up without food. Just have some green tea and water before doing it to kick start the day. Obviously eat a breakfast afterwards.

Also experiment with how carbs effect you. I personally do better at cutting fat with lower carb intake but I know friends that can exceed 250+ grams of carbs per day and still stay lean.