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Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
I have dieted before, but I will admit that it was not the most healthy way of doing it. I am 6ft tall and weigh about 195lbs and would love to slim down to 180ish before my fall classes start. I am not really trying to build muscle so I am mostly going to be focusing on cardio. My question is would I be better off doing this first thing in the morning or late at night?
First, realize that to lose a pound of fat a week you need to create a ~4000 calorie deficit without starving yourself, so you'll need to burn more calories while taking in fewer calories without sending your body into starvation mode. The best way, imo, is to do your cardio twice a day - early and late - to keep your metabolism revved up, just short 20 minute sessions. What will also help is no sugar or alcohol - none. And what I've found works best diet-wise is dropping calorie intake to 1500/day, ideally ~500 calories spaced out at 4 hour intervals. That sounds light, but that's a decent amount of healthy food like fruits, vegetables and grains - compared to one double quarter pounder with cheese.