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Drove the new M6

Not really a great review as I drove it at most a mile, but I will give you my quick observations on it.

First and foremost what a disappointment in terms of an M car, but I'll return to this in a few. On all other standards the car is beautiful inside and out, very comfortable and the interior differences between my E90 M3 are a good way. The DCT functions were the same with two fewer settings. I took traction off for a second, but didn't look for an S4, just saw drive logic 3. Car shifted flawlessly, and I wouldn't really consider there to be much lag, but it's there. Torque is insane, and I hit 70mph before I thought I was at 40.

-Idrive improvements over my 11 (screen looked bigger, apps, etc)
-Heads up display, tach area SICK

This is where this review gets grey. This car is QUIET. The car had 80 miles on it so I wasn't looking to rev much past 4k, but this thing made 0 noise in the cabin from the engine or exhaust. They hid the cars weight well with the numb steering, and it does move, but it doesn't have soul. The turbos spool, you go, fast, but there isn't any excitement to it. I turned traction off and decided to kick the car out to see where its threshold was and it slid out before I even knew it, but the problem was I had no idea. I will contribute some of this to the brand new, and most likely slick Michellins, but the steering, lack of noise were definitely the main factors. I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't feel anything and before I knew it I was sliding from the immense torque which could have been fun....if the thin steering wheel feedback wasn't so numb.

Hopping back into the M3 the car felt raw. My stock engine/exhaust set up was loud in comparison, the steering gave me feedback and I knew where the car was going and where it would go with each throttle input. Steering wheel was thicker, and the car felt much more nimble and urgent. It felt, to me, like an M car. Remove the M badge off the M6 and you'd fool me telling me it's a new model- 655i M Sport Performance Competition Package ///M.....

Would I want it? I've never driven the old M6, but my friend had one for a year or so. The V10 was to die for. I remembered owning my STi and even in stock form that car would have me salivating. I realize this car is a big GT car meant to compete with the likes of the CLS/CL AMG, but it also sports an M badge on the back, an unjustified one at that.

I feel like I'm hating and ranting at this point, but the car was great if you're looking for a big, fast, comfortable cruiser. Just don't hop in this thing expecting the same excitement as our M3's, cause it won't be there. Despite it all I do think it's beautiful, and maybe the coupe will solve some of the weight/feedback issues. Pair it with an exhaust I'd think it'd be a killer GT.

Come to think of it I doubt anyone shopping for this class of car is looking for a racey feeling car. Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed the experience, be well all and let's hope this doesn't foreshadow where BMW is going with the new M3/M4.

(Didn't proof read, sorry for any errors and's late )