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You know how the best driver's cars always feel like more than the sum of their parts? Well the M3 has always felt like that to me - all generations. It's true even for my cheap-ass Miata.

From what I've read, the RS5 is not like that - people seem to have trouble finding a sweet spot between transmission, suspension, engine and steering settings, and the overall comments are that it never really gels into an Aha! moment.

I haven't driven one, so I don't know if that is quite true. What I do know is that I absolutely hate under steer, street or track. And this has been my limiting factor on track, so speaking for me personally I believe I would be faster over a whole session in the M than in the RS, even though initial laps may go down to the Audi. Could be wrong of course...

I would never buy one because of different reasons though - lack of manual tranny, and very poor packaging in the rear (I have a kid). If you try to get in the back of an A5/S5, you will understand...

I don't quite understand the market for it, honestly. If you wanted auto and grunt, wouldn't you go C63? And if you fancied AWD, wouldn't a certified used GT-R be much better? As is , it's for people who want a sort of M3 but with AWD and crappier feel. It's got to be a very narrow niche if you think about it...

Not trying to be obnoxious. I understand other RS models really - RS3, TT-RS, RS6...

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