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I do understand...but you should know the M3 is very low on real torque vs the OP's noted AMG, hence the relative comparison.
There's no sub for torque, but the DCT does a dang nice job of making you FEEL like there is more.

Originally Posted by adc View Post
I am not sure you actually understand that in reality, that's actually torque. Real torque.

Peak torque at the crank is a useless number without knowing the gearing, curve, and rev range. The DCT will accelerate faster simply because it has more gears, swaps them faster and so will manage to put more torque at the wheels more of the time. It's pretty basic math and physics.

OP, I bet although the E55 is faster in a straight line, the m3 driven well will hang in there remarkably well. The point being that you do have to pay attention to what gear you are in the M3, whereas you can adopt a very lazy driving style in the Benz.

The M3 is a more engaging car partly because it requires - and rewards - this level of driver interaction. If you fear this, then there's no point in getting an M3, it will be a miserable experience. If you want it on the other hand, then you will love the M and never look back.