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Originally Posted by MattE92 View Post
an M3 has a presence, an RS5 is just like an A5 until its 10 feet away. i don't like to way audis feel, loose steering wheel, doesn't hug corners, its like steering a fast car. an M3 is drives like it owns the road.

however i've wanted an M3 since i was 11yrs old...
Seriously? An e9x M3 looks mostly like another one of the zillion 3 series out there, but have you seen an A5 in a grouping of cars, or even more so an RS5 in person? The latter has those splitter/brake scoops, the honking grill and the mostly unique coupe stance, that demands 'presence'.

We know the RS5 will be burdened by the AWD system, but as most said, the everyday comfort and build quality is undeniable - along with the elegant, understated (less so lately) designs.
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