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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell
Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
Please correct me on how what I said was false or not the truth. Or vulgar, it was even censored to begin with!!!!

So much for a freedom of speech. Because if its against gay people it is "secret" and everyone is afraid to talk about it.

But they can go off and rant and rave about gay pride. Thats prejudice

im editing the post because you found it offensive, and god forbid anyone gets offended in the united states.
So you think this statement you made: "Im sorry you're so offended in my beliefs that a man and women should be together and have children rather then two men buttf*king transferring HIV to each other." is the truth and not vulgar? You clearly have some serious issues you need to deal with.
Lol no I think that's the truth , it was censored and I think you're proving my point.

People are trying to make it wrong to have a difference of opinion if it's against gays or blacks! But they are allowed to say anything, insult, belittle and then call you close minded.

Obviously the sex statement was an extreme to prove a point to scotch considering he wanted to talk about gay people.