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Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
I have dieted before, but I will admit that it was not the most healthy way of doing it. I am 6ft tall and weigh about 195lbs and would love to slim down to 180ish before my fall classes start. I am not really trying to build muscle so I am mostly going to be focusing on cardio. My question is would I be better off doing this first thing in the morning or late at night?

Also can anybody give me a few ideas on what to eat during the day besides fruits? I can easily cut out sodas and the occasional Friday night beers, but I am mostly worried about what to eat during the day. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
YES anything is possible with the right stuff.

i have been kickboxing for the past 3-4 years i do a lot of strength training cardio ect... anyways cardio in the morning OR kickboxing classes if you can
having a instructor is always the best cuz they push you .

a) running is the best , sit ups, pull ups. before going to bed do push up as many as you can do

b) eat HI in protein lots of fiber ,good fat lean meat 0 carbs
baked sweet potato
turkey burgers
veggie burgers
eggwhites omelets with whatever veggies you want init

i can sit here and type forever

what it comes down to is YOU NO sodas no pasta no fries no FAT FAT FAT FAT stuff

NO sugar if you want sugar eat fruits

no one said it would be easy good luck