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Originally Posted by NJA///M3 View Post
Why would you mention the hills of SP? A fellow Brazilian or have you seen a few roll-down-the-hill-backwards over there?
My 2 cent is the M3 is arguably the best all around car in production. IMO that means it will perform very well on streets, roads and tracks. It does city just great, producing better-than-symphony engine sound. It doesn't give you a whiplash at every stop light, but, on demand, she will rev like a mofo, scream like a b**ch and put a very large grin in your face. Wait, maybe that was my, it was the M3!
Just been there and seen it first hand. Pittsburgh has bad hills also. These people that think an M3 sucks in the city would probably have a heart attack driving a littler 1 liter. Too funny.