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I used to drive 90min one way commute thru Malibu/Kanan down PCH, hence the M3's and GTR. No longer have that commute (finally!) and thinking the M3 is not the right car for me anymore, unless I get the 625charger kit.
I would rather have a bunch of torque and a more compliant (softer) ride than the M3.
So my answer to you is that it depends on where you will drive the most, and even then synch up with a fellow M3 owner and do some driving and see if you can live w/o the torque. IMO, the M3 in DCT form is so snappy and responsive on the throttle/gear changes that you are almost fooled into thinking it's's that damn good.
Less weight, and/or 75-100 more torque and lose the Comp Pkg setup (too stiff around my part of town) and it's a world class car.
Looking up link now for ESS 625....