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Originally Posted by Jason
Originally Posted by Shane550X View Post
Why would anyone want this. The standard center stack is perfect the way it is, and In the video the software looked a bit jumpy and reaction time was super slow at points.
Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
I despise cheap touch screens....and that looks like a cheap touch screen. If you aren't gonna go big, go home BMW.
Relax folks.

As the post says, this is just a concept that was brought out by this automotive supplier company for demo purposes at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. This doesn't show what BMW's implementation, software, interface, nor performance will be like. It was posted just to show what kind of use a touchpad idrive knob could be used for.
Yes I understand that this is a prototype, yet look at Audi. Their touchpad system does not help the driver focus on the road. It is just another drivers distraction and isn't BMW trying to focus on driver safety. BMW is my favorite brand by a mile but enough is enough, this might be helpful I integrated into the HUD but still sounds very distracting for the driver, so why even build it.