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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Since there are supposedly ~6,500 1M built, there would have to be at least 650,000 M3 convertibles that are driven by women according to your logic.

For reference: Until end of production, I guess there will be at most 15,000 M3 E93 built.

The production numbers for the whole M3 E9x line will likely not exceed 100,000 cars of which ~22% are convertibles, this would be less than three times as many as there are 1M coupes.
What I meant by my comment is that I would bet the # of women driving an M3 convertible is at least 100X the amount of women driving an M3 convertible. Meaning to say I bet there are very few women driving 1Ms. Unless this woman is a big enthusiast. Every where they ended up they sold out. M3s could be found sitting on any lot, which the 1M could not. Wonder how many loaded dudes bought their wives M3s because she liked the price tag.