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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
From a dig foool!!!

Regarding the GT-R and Transmission and what not.

Here are my thoughts:

I think it would have been foolish for Nissan to equip or allow for a manual option in the GT-R, it would go against their entire purpose, they are building a cutting edge car. To equip it with old technology would be foolish.

From a performance aspect, launching an AWD car is not easy, knowing this alone (From Nissan's perspective) it would be an easy choice to NOT provide a manual option. Dual Clutch technology also provides a SIGNIFICANT advantage over it's American competition.

I personally don't think you can ding the GT-R or Nissan for not offering a manual option.
At least with a manual , you could launch as much as you want without being afraid that you might brake your tranny wich is not covered anymore by the warranty since you disactivated the VDC to do a perfect launch! To me a cutting edge car is a car with a tranny strong enough to use its launch mode!

Also, there's nothing hard in launching a AWD car, specially one with that much power! I've seen plenty of people having no trouble doing great launchs with Audi A4s 1.8t with big laggy turbos, those could be a challenge but a GT-R, not!

Finally , IMO , manual gearbox is not old technology, it's fun technology!

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