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Originally Posted by Tarmac_E46_M3 View Post
Ok, so this is just a series of post that are from another forum. Mostly mine... we were trouble shooting on how we can create a kit so we can run E85 on a N/A E46 M3 engine.

Here we go...
1st Post:
What I've seen time and time again being better than not only 91 to 93 oct with water/meth AND race fuel... is E85. Proven gains on a lot of vehicles. I wonder if anyone has converted their fuel system to accept E85 and then tune it appropriately to run well.

E85 has all the cooling/power adding properties that the water/meth does... just a lot lot better. I just think, in general, running E85 pros outweigh any possible cons; it's just better for the engine.

Or we could even run an E85 map with a 91 oct map as a back up; add some sort of switch via a stock switch/button or, say you have an Evolve-R, just reflash it to run the map you want.

Anyone know of anyone that has run E85 on a N/A engine? if the gains were only 5-10 WHP... I'd do it.
Problem solving:
The Ford Raptor can be ran with E85, it's tuned from the factory to be able to do so.

Most people do it with FI......

Greetings from Finland, I was considering the e85 conversion to my e46 m3 allso.
What is your status with the conversion?

I called today some workshop and they said that its only 495 for the box that uprages your car totally to FlexFuel and to be run with e85...