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Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
So its okay to bash the white man's religion
But everyone else can't bash the black man's religion.

Democrats being raciest again.
Hey, gay-basher's back! For the umpteenth time, there's no such word as "raciest", it's racist.

Now moving onto your point, what is it again? What's a "white man's religion" or a "black man's religion"? Your comment is nonsensical. You seem to be missing the distinction between those who want to discuss Romney's religion and those who want to claim that Obama's falsifying his religion.

What's more, it's primarily the religious-right who's proclaiming that Mormonism is a cult. Us democrats don't give a rat's ass about one's religion, except when politicians use their kooky bible interpretations as a basis for civil law.