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Originally Posted by CityOfAngels View Post
I'm thinking of replacing my W211 E55 AMG (500+hp, 560tq) with a CPO E92 M3 with DCT. I love everything about the M3 but the only thing I'm worried about is the actual straight line performance. I'm so used all the torque in the E55 that I'm not sure if the M3 will still be fun in city driving. On the other hand, I know the handling will be night and day difference. Has anyone else gone from a car with a tremendous amount of torque down low to a E9x M3? I love the C63 but I just feel like I want more of a race car at this point in time and the M3 fits that bill much better even though it may not be as fast.
even my '03 E500 has more torque than the M3, but it's not stopping me from picking up one. 2 totally different cars, hard to compare. If you can, keep the 55. That way you won't miss either one. I'm keeping my 500

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Hey whatsup buddy, its me tbal from mbworld

Picked up a 08 M3 Vert... must say the overall feel of the car, the handling, transmission, and power is well balanced, and TOO much fun. Vert is quite heavy, coupe is the way to go. Had a 06 M6 prior to the E55... and can say the overall feel of the m3 is far better than the m6. Of course M6 was fast, but the smg tranny was too jerkey. E55 is raw power, but thats about it... m3 feels SUPER slow after driving my e55.... 3x more torque I guess thats expected lol...
and it's tbone from mbworld I wonder how many other MBWorlder's are lurking over here haha