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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
The curveture of the arm is irrelavant..there are actually two schools of thought on this..the curveture of the stock arms is thought to carry load better thru its design.yet you have aftermarket companies like Dinan..Rogue who say the opposite and market straight designs.

Bottom line is if you need more rear toe adjustment b/c your maxed with the eccentric bolt stock setup there really is only one solution..aftermarket and Rogue is a proven race you cant go wrong
Straight is cheaper to make. It is also simple to put those toe links together.

The factory car actually has plenty of toe adjustment capability, even on cars that are extremely low. The toe adjuster always has more than enough toe to set the alignment.

If in fact the alignment cannot be set with the factory hardware, you might want to start looking into bent components, or the sub-frame may have shifted, something I have seen many times on E46 and E9x M3's.

To the OP, I don't see how that tech managed a 0.00 driving axis on the rear axle with the BMW system with static toe on each side being so far off from one another. The only thing I can think of is that the frame is not aligned and these settings were required to compensate for that.

Good luck!