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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Got down to around 10-11%, could see the top four abs but my bottom two were soft. Felt thin and went on a bulk which almost got out of hand but I've put a good amount of weight on since, mainly in my shoulder, chest and legs. Was at 185 maybe, back up to near 200. Lost my defined abs, just have my V-taper and general ab outline/middle separation.

Back to my leaning phase. Hate this part...

Don't wory about it. Just keep it up. I'm doing a 3-4 times a week morning 30min cardio upon waking up with nothing but some water and k-arginine before the actual run. What it does is kick start the metabolism and produce more brown fats. More brown fat in ur body, faster you'll be burning fat cells. Do a quick google search if u want to learn more.

Been on this routine for 2 weeks now, already seeing gains. I should be around 10% BF now. Still eating clean and every 3hr. I've lightened my leg weight session since my legs are being used a lot more now.

Once the run is finished. Have a hearty breakfast with eggs, a fruit, some carbs like yams/oatmeal and a little bit of peanut/almond/cashew butter.

My goal is to look great starting in July and have it last till October before I restart my bulking phase

Best of luck man