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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
That TBN rating is bizzarre. Although it is also somewhat bizzarre to me that they don't always include the TBN rating. Do you do your own oil changes? If not, you sure the dealer is using the right oil?

Also - who is taking the sample? The dealer or you? Because you need to catch the sample in the middle of the oil draining. If you take it at the end, it could make it look at lot worst than it actually is.

As far as wear goes - there are a number of people that have talked about the redesign on the bearings, although it doesn't seem exactly clear to me what changed. So their could be some issue there.

Running higher octane and/or a less aggressive tune might help as well. No way to tell without logging. If you are getting detonation, that will increase wear on the bearings. What fuel supplier?

Also, you are always letting it warm up fully before romping on it right? Pushing it too hard too soon can definitely cause additional wear.

Sorry you are worried about this...just offering up some suggestions that may help.

Good luck man.
This oil was put in by the dealer before I bought it. The PO was "taking it to term" and only changing the oil when it was free (every 15K). I bought the car shortly after the last dealer change and only ran the oil for ~7800. I do my own changes. I think it's the right oil based on Blackstone's measurements. I took the sample myself mid drain. I let it idle until the cold start cycle finishes and then go easy on it until it's fully warmed up. I only use Chevron 91 from a station with separate hoses for each grade.

Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
So your position is that BMW knowingly destroys their own engines by extending oil change intervals? What is their goal with this strategy?

You know his results are out of line with other engines of this type and the same interval of use right?
BMW only cares that the engine lasts beyond the warranty period plus enough not to provoke any lawsuits. They're not engineering these things to last as long as possible. It's a planned obsolescence sort of thing IMO where they keep you coming back for another one. They'd never meet their bottom line if the cars never wore out and they offered free oil changes that maximized engine lifetime.

Also, I don't think my results are out of line with other people's experiences based on this thread.
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