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Originally Posted by edu09 View Post
I dont have such problems with my kit, no steering vibrations or bouncing issues at all, a bit stiffer yes but still very comfortable
You should get an alignment after installing this kit
I got an alignment right after the install. The problem is that was in Houston and I'm in San Antonio. I realized the vibrations driving back. It just makes it hard for me to go back and double check.

In my mind the problem has to be the alignment. The car was perfect driving down to Houston. The only thing done was suspension, spacers, and alignment. We tried the car without spacers and the vibration was still there. This leaves the suspension and alignment. It is not like the alignment guys takes the car for a drive to double check their work.

I really don't think that the wheels are off balance (weights fell off etc) as they were perfect driving down to Houston.

I'm not sure what to do next. I don't wan't to take it in to the dealership which will cause another massive headache. Any suggestions?

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