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Asked and Answered

So, Roadfly already did a survey on this question. I quote:

FINAL RESULTS of Z4 age/gender survey--

Based on the answers of 63 total respondents:

Combined age of all respodents is 2,449 years
Median age is 37
Average age is 39
Most frequent age given is 52 (4 of you)

85.7% (54) are men
7.9% (5) are women

6.3% (4) are other/undetermined gender

Avg. age of female Z4 owners: 31
Avg. age of male Z4 owners: 40

Women Z4 owners are younger & prettier.
Men Z4 owners are older and less pretty.

...Granted, above results probably skewed by fact that respondants were on Roadfly.

As for what women are actually buying, Forbes reported this in April 2012:

Vehicles Most Popular With Women
Model Pct. Bought By Women
Volvo S40 57.9%
Nissan Rogue 56.9%
Volkswagen Eos 56.4%
Volkswagen Beetle 54.6%
Hyundai Tucson 54.0%
Honda CR-V 53.4%
Toyota RAV4 53.0%
Nissan JUKE 52.7%
Jeep Compass 52.7%
Nissan Versa 52.2%

Conculsion? Cross-over SUVs are the preferred chick cars of the moment.